Banki Muhana Ramachandi Temple

The temple of Bankimuhaha Ramachandi is situated near Puri Railway Station. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Ramachandi. It is situated just behind the Cholera Hospital of Puri town. From Red Cross road (from Badasankha leading to Puri Railway Station), there is a diversion to Gajapati Nagar, while just enetring the lane close to the border of the said hospital the temple is visible. The exact geographical location of the temple is LONGITUDE 85° 50 18 and LATITUDE 19° 48 66. It is 40 feet high from the ground and facing towards south. The presiding deity is a six armed Mahisasuramardini (killing buffalo demon) Durga.

The name Ramachandi implies 'Ramaadharita Chandi' or the Chandi worshipped by Lord Rama Chandra. According to local tradition, Lord Rama worshipped the present deity Chandi for her blessing to attain victory over Ravana. In the eastern zone of the country there are many temples designated as Rama Chandi temple. This indicates the path vide which Lord Rama chandra has travelled.

During 13th century the king 'Vanu Dev II', who constructed the Atharnala bridge, dumped river 'Malini' vide the ten miracles of Rajguru and he installed the famous Sadbhuja (Six Aramed) statue of Goddess Ramachandi which represents 'Sakti'. The river Malini was previously separating the badadanda (grand Road), so that two sets of chariots were prepared during Car Festival. The temple was designated 50 to 70 years back as 'Badi Thakurani' which means the tourists on foot who expired of cholera were burnt or thrown here. The meeting of river Malini with the sea is known as 'Muhana'.

Famous rituals like Durga Puja, Dussehra, Kali Puja (Deepawali) etc are observed with great devotion in this temple. This temple is a typical legendry temple which is a place of Tantrick Rituals. An esteemed puja known as 'Sola Puja' observed here for 16 days consequetively during Durga Puja. Varities of dressing, Chandi patha, Homa (Fire Sacrifice) and other vedic customs are also observed during this period. Through out the year, there is a great influx of piligrims and selected intelligentia to the spot which is one of the Tantra Kshetra of Puri town.

Within few years the temple complex has improved in the Nata Mandapa(20" x 9") there is a nice sculpture of Ganesh, one statue of lion, the famous ten Mahavidya statues and Nabagrha statues. It is conjoint with a small kitchen and behind the temple there is small pond and flower garden. The Sandhya Alati (Evening Prayer) is the most see sight for all. The Goddess is Parama Baishnabi. Only on the Mahastami day of Dussehra, brunt fish is offered during midnight. The environment of the temple is too beautiful as well as perinneal.

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