Odisha Tribal Tour

Tribal Tour of Odisha (Orissa) Duration - 10 Days / 09 Nights

Odisha (Orissa) Tribal Tour features Famous Tribes of Odisha (Orissa) like Bondos, Didayis, Koya and Kondhs.

Day 01: Bhubaneshwar - Puri (60 kms)

Arrive at airport / railway station. Upon arrival you will be given assistance at the airport followed by transfer to Puri. On arrival traditional welcome drink at our resort with refreshing coconut water. Check in at your hotel. Rest of the time at leisure. You can explore the beautiful temple & beach city by own. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 02: Early departure for Mundiguda in Malkangiri to visit the weekly market of the Bondo and Didayi tribes

Bondos are the most primitive tribes of Odisha (Orissa) living in the Bondo hills. They speak Remo,a dialect which has an affinity with the language of the Mundas of Austro-Asiatic descent. The "ringa", a 2 ft wide and long fabric, woven from the "kerang" plant, and tied to their waist is their traditional costume. Heavy brass and aluminium collar necklaces and beads are vital accessories used by the Bonda women. The Didayis share the same territory as the Bondos, but speak another variant of the Munda language. The Didayi women wear a "kisalu" and are equally fond of ornaments made from silver, gold, aluminium and some alloys. The village council plays an important role in their lives, All village elders, the headman and the village priest constitute the village council which has an important role in their lives. After a photo session proceed to Gupteswara area to see the Dhuruba tribes. Evening - back to the hotel.

Day 03 - Drive to Machhakund in Koraput district area to visit the primitive Barogadaba tribe.

Gotalpara and Dural villages are typical Baragadaba villages. This tribe is culturally and socially more evolved, and have very clean and well-kept homes. The Gadabas believe in strong family ties, and accord an equal status to men and women. They celebrate the "Goter" festival with much fanfare, and organize a hunting festival during March and April. Rice beer and Mahua liquor are prepared for the occasion, and the enchanting Dhemsa dance is very much part of the merrymaking.

Day 04 - Drive to Rayagada via Paraja and Kondhs villages.

Late afternoon - drive to the Niyamgiri Hill to visit the primitive villages of Dongariya Kondh. The Kondhs descend from the Proto Australoids, and belong to one of the sub groups, Desia Kondh, Kutias and the Dongariya Kondhs. The Dongarias are concentrated in Bisamkatak in the Niyamgiri hills, and are very aggressive by nature. The men sport long hair, and wear a comb through the hair as an accessory.

Day 05 - Visit Chatikana market and one of the Dongariya villages.

Afternoon - Proceed to Gopalpur. Total time: 270kms drive + visiting time.

Day 06 - Morning - Observe the fishermen at sea (Bay of Bengal).

Proceed to Puri enroute the Kalijai Temple Island in Chilka lake. Distance: 200kms, 5hrs. Overnight stay at Puri

Day 07 - Visit to Konark Sun temple.

Afternoon - visit to a traditional painting village, either Raghurajpur,or Khasposak. Visit Puri Jagannath temple and the market area. Distance 100 kms + visiting time. Overnight stay at Puri

Day 08 - Drive to Bhubaneswar enroute Pipili village and Dhauli Stupa.

Afternoon - visit to ancient temples of Bhubaneswar. Distance: 60kms + visiting time.

Day 09

Visit Hirapur Yogini temple and bell metal workshop in the village, snake charmers village, tribal museum and Udayagiri caves.

Day 10

Transfer and Departure.

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