Puri Weather

puri weather

Weather of Puri - Being a coastal town on the tropics, Puri experiences warm days with very high humidity levels during the summer months from April to September, but the evenings are pleasant as the cool sea breeze blows in. Day temperatures hover around 36° centigrade, and Puri experiences its warmest weather in May.

The south west monsoons offer some relief when they arrive in June, and temperatures fall slightly. The heavy downpours during July and August subside to intermittent showers by September and October.

A brief winter sets in by December, when bright sunshine during the day makes the low temperatures bearable and just right for traveling and sunning on the beach. Temperatures average around 15 to 16° centigrade during December, January and early February.

Climate in Puri

Experiencing a tropical climate, owing to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal, the temple land of Puri serves to be an ideal destination for the tourists round the year. Quite heavily influenced by the coasts, the town gets pleasurable winds in the afternoon. The temperature at the city varies between 36Á Celsius to below 14Á Celsius respectively in summer and winter. All season are the perfect seasons to visit the city though the nights in winter then are chilly. Woolen light poolover are therefore recommended to be carried along.

The city experiences a humid climate during June to September. It rains during these months in the city and it is a great experience to enjoy rains during these months. The month of October through May is enjoyable.

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