Kapala Mochan Temple

To the south-western direction of the Jagannath temple there is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is known as Kapalamochana Temple. The temple is located on the left side of Gandua Chaura Chowk in Manikarnika Street. From the dakhina dwar (south gate/horse Gate) of the Jagannath Temple the road which leads to the Lokanath Temple, on the way there comes Manikarnika Tirtha. Here one can see the Kapalamochana Shiva Temple. There is a sacred pool found in this premises which is known as 'Manikarnika'. From the architectural point of view the temple is not so important but from the religious point of view, it is one of the important Shiva shrines of Puri. Devotees come to visit Lord Jagannatha temple, also visit the Kapala mochana temple.

Kapala Mochana Temple is one of the Pancha pandava temple of Puri. This temple is facing towards east and the presiding deity is a Sivalinga, which is situated 6.60 meters below the present road level. As per the belief, one can get rid of 'braham hatya' (killing of a Brahmin) by worshipping Lord Kapalamochana. Kapala Mochana Temple is associated with several festival of Jagannatha temple. Kapalamochana Mahadeva participates in the Chandana yatra festival of Lord Jagannath. This temple is also connected with Sitalasasti, Dolapurnima and Rudravisekha of Lord Jagannath Temple. Marriage ceremony, engagement and thread ceremony etc. are observed here.

Inside the jagamohana of the temple there is a Dusa Bhuja (ten armed) idol of Goddess Shyamakali. An anicent image of Lord Ganesha, made of sand stone, housed in a separate temple in the northern side of the temple. This image is without the mount mouse, which speaks of the antiquity of the image. The image of Lord Narasimha is also carved on the temple wall.

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