Markandeswar Temple

Markandeya is one among the Pancha Pandavas. God saved Markandeya from a severe danger from sea. The place where God saved Markanda is known as Markandeya, the holy place, on that particular spot Markandeya remained on meditation for a long time. At this place a Shiva Temple was constructed by sage Markandeya. The ancient Markandeswar Shiva Temple is situated in the Markandeswar street by the side of the Markandeswar tank, to the north of the Jagannath temple. This place can be approached on the right side of Markandeswar road leading from Markandeswar chowk to Prui-Brahmagiri road. The exact geographical location of this temple is LONGITUDE 85° 49 94 and LATITUDE 19° 48 62.

Markandeswar temple is also known as Markandesvara Temple, Markandeya Shiva Temple and Markandeswara Mahadeva Temple. This temple is facing towards east and the presiding deity is a Sivalinga. This temple is connected with the rituals of Chandan yatra, Balabhadra Janma, Ashram Bije, Sital Sasthi, Kaliyadalan etc. of the Jaganath temple. Festivals like Janmastami, Risi Panchami, Rakhi Purnima, Sivaratri Amabasya, Sankranti, Narasimha Chaturdasi etc. are also observed with great devotion at this temple. This place is one of the Pancha Tirthas of Puri and also one of the fifty two sacred Shiva places of the country.

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